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Skin and Blister exists so that nobody feels lost in healthcare.


Every brief you give will get the Skin and Blister treatment. This involves two important steps.


1. Diagnosing your strategic challenge


Skin and Blister always starts by talking to people who know more than we do. This includes you and your client team of experts. Next, it's important to learn from healthcare professionals (HCPs), veterinary professionals, patients, carers, animal owners and healthy volunteers. Social listening tools. All of this true insight is gathered together to inform vital strategic thinking and move to the next step. 


2. Prescribing your creative solution


The insight gathered is used to build a creative essence that will run through every element of your communications. Putting real insight at the core of your work means that the end product will be meaningful, accessible and useful for all. 

By truly partnering with you, we put the same level of care into every project, brief, and communication challenge. It’s not overkill, it’s great work every time. That’s the Skin and Blister way.


If you want to get into specifics, this is where the Skin and Blister treatment offers the most value.

Pharma marketing
Pharma marketing, animal health


Nothing makes the Skin and Blister team happier than making remarkable healthcare communications for humans, animals and the future of medicine. Whether you need a huge product launch, or a small internal workshop, the same care will go into it.

Clinical trials patient recruitment


Skin and Blister has a great passion for clinical trials. Whether you need help with patient recruitment, engagement or retention, the team has the expertise to create meaningful study communications that will inform and reassure patients and study staff alike.

Every clinical trial Skin and Blister has worked on has been oversubscribed. Why not let Skin and Blister work their magic on your upcoming or ongoing studies?



The Skin and Blister treatment results in bespoke communications every time, leading to any number of marketing tactics. Some of these services are shown below. To get the full picture and see some amazing case studies, please get in touch.

strategy collection.png


  • Insight gathering – social listening, target audience interviews, focus groups

  • Internal communications – reviews, workshops, webinars, launch events, employee engagement and team building, educational materials and cycle meetings

  • Creative strategy – purpose definition, brand positioning, brand platforms

creative collection.png


  • Creative production – idea generation, copywriting, illustration, animation, design

  • Brand development – key messages, brand guidelines, refreshes

  • Campaigns – product launches and refreshes, patient engagement, promotional marketing and disease awareness campaigns

  • Patient education and support

Content collection.png


  • Promotional, medical and ABPI or NOAH code compliant

  • Digital – omnichannel campaigns, websites, portals, apps, e-Details, e-marketing, surveys, newsletters

  • Social – community management of company, brand and disease awareness

  • Print – healthcare professional and patient communications, study discussion and support guides

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