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Why are you here?


I am a potential client

Hello, and thanks for taking the time to look at our website. Here are the answers to some questions you might have.

Why healthcare communications?

Having doctors for parents meant our founders spent most of their formative years running around surgeries. They don’t tend to do that anymore (despite enormous temptation). They've always loved healthcare, and we have the photos to prove it.

Who's on the team?

Skin and Blister is a team of experts with different backgrounds from various industries. We have a core grounding in pharma, with extensive expertise in clinical trials, product marketing and animal health (to name a few). The team also has people who come from different industries like digital and social media, who help bring different expertise to the table.

How do you innovate in healthcare?

At Skin and Blister, we’re always trying to find better ways to answer your brief. Take our work in clinical trials, for example. Recruiting enough patients to take part in clinical research is difficult. Yet, all of the clinical studies that Skin and Blister has supported have been oversubscribed. We’d love to tell you we hatched an elaborate scheme to make it happen, but it was actually quite simple.  Speak to patients like they’re people, give them a compelling reason to take part, and make them feel like they’re a part of something special. The recruitment will take care of itself.

Another example is the way we approach our projects. We put the care into each one, by giving them their own brand personality, memorable name and look and feel. Giving your projects names humanises them and makes them feel like a friend. This motivates you to see the project through to the end, and deliver the best work you possibly can. Have a read of our project philosophy here.

How do you work with clients?

We bring whisky and cigars to every meeting. 


Only kidding.


At Skin and Blister, we only work with clients that want to put the care into their work, and are passionate about producing remarkable healthcare communications. We tend to find if we’re working with people like that, the relationship side of things is smooth sailing. 


Our clients tell us that they love working with us. We were honoured to be a case study on Roche’s website, and we get great feedback like this on a regular basis:


“I’ve loved every moment of working with you – not just professionally, but also personally. You’re all such an inspiration to me as a woman and have helped me find meaning and chase my purpose in the work I do.”
– Senior Brand Manager, Roche, Nov 2020


I am a potential employee

Hello, potential employee. First things first – where do you see yourself in 5 years? 


If you’re wondering what it’s like to work with us, you might find some answers here.

Where are you based?

All over, really. We’ve always been a fully remote company, without a fixed home. The Skin and Blister team works all over the UK (and all over the world, sometimes). You'll find our team in London, the West Country, Yorkshire, as well as Australia and New Zealand. All equally glamorous.

Do you offer flexible working?

Yes, although we talk more about deadline-driven working than flexible working. At Skin and Blister, we work with a highly talented bunch of people who want to deliver consistently brilliant work. How, when and where they do that is up to them. 


Some of our team have kids, others have other interests they want to pursue, so they fit their hours around their schedules. We’ve always found that if you let people be themselves and work in the way that suits them, you will produce great work and keep both your employees and clients happy.

Can I come and work for you?



But only if you put the care into everything you do, and really love healthcare. Drop us a line at and we’ll talk.


I just love FAQs

We don’t want to patronise you. We know you’ve been around the FAQ block by now, and you’ve seen every “would you rather fight an army of duck-sized horses or one horse-sized duck” question going. Instead, here’s a few niche things you might like to know about us.

Why Skin and Blister

Because it’s cockney rhyming slang for ‘sister'. Because it’s related to healthcare. And because it's a nod to the care and hard work that we put into every project.

Are Fi and Katie really sisters?

Yes. Either that or they’ve been living a very elaborate lie for the last 40 odd years.

But on the duck-sized horses thing, which would you go for?

One horse-sized duck, definitely. Throw a loaf of Kingsmill at them and run as fast as you can.

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