What's Skin and Blister all about?

We thought about what to call ourselves for a while, and we went through several fairly questionable names before we agreed on Skin and Blister. We settled on it because Skin and Blister is cockney rhyming slang for sister, we work in healthcare, and it was definitely memorable. It felt like it was meant to be.


Are Fi and Katie really sisters?

Yes. Either that or we’ve been living a very elaborate lie for the last 40 years.


Why healthcare communications?

We’ve been around healthcare for our whole lives. Our parents were both GPs, so we spent most of our formative years running around surgeries and playing with stethoscopes. After both completing degrees in genetics and biomedical sciences, our passion for it hadn’t dwindled - so we accepted the inevitable and both pursued jobs in healthcare communications.


Where is your office?

We don’t have an office, and we never have. We were remote before it was cool/enforced on everyone by a global pandemic. We work all over the country (and all over the world, sometimes). We have staff in London, the West Country, Yorkshire and...Sydney. All equally glamorous.


How do you build a culture without a fixed office?

Ah yes, the million dollar question. If you ask us, culture is about people rather than furniture. We catch up regularly over video calls, and less frequently in person. We’re dotted around the UK - a few of us live and work in London, so we meet up to work together when we can. The same with our team down in the West Country. We’ve always been a remote team, so we’ve never relied on an office to build our camaraderie - instead, we use the virtual tools available to us to build and nurture our team, and see each other’s faces in 3D whenever we can.


Do you offer flexible working?

Short answer - yes.


Longer answer - we talk more about deadline-driven working than flexible working. We want our people to bring their full selves to work, and we embrace their lives outside of work, too. Most of our team have kids, and so they fit their hours around their parenting schedules. Others have hobbies or side careers that they want to explore as well as working for us. Our philosophy is to set a deadline, and let people hit it however best works for them. We’ve always found that if you let people be themselves and work in the way suits them, you will produce great work and keep both your employees and clients happy.


Who's on the team?

We’re a team of experts with different backgrounds from various industries. We have a core grounding in pharma, with extensive expertise in clinical trials, product marketing and animal health (to name a few). We also have people who come from different industries, who can help bring different expertise to the table. We see ourselves as a brilliant team of misfits who can rise to any challenge you throw at us.


What's the best advice you've ever been given?

Fi - Everything happens for a reason. We just don’t always know what it is yet


Katie - Fish where the fish are.


Can I come and work for you?


Well, maybe. Depends how much you love healthcare, really. Drop us a line at and we’ll talk.

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