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We've got to stop calling it "working from home"

By Katie Langdon, Founder + Creative Director 

Picture the scene. You’re in an office at the end of the day. A colleague gathers their things and brightly announces to the desk, “See you tomorrow.” “Oh,” you say, “actually I’m working from home tomorrow.” And you see it. The eyebrow raise. “Oh yeah,” they reply, lips curving into a wry smile. “Working from home,” they say, making the universal sign for air-quotes. “Sure you are.” And just like that, you’re labelled a slacker before the day’s even started.

Of course, some people do slack off when they work from home. Some people slack off in the office as well. Making cups of tea, taking extended lunches, accidentally ‘replying all’ to company-wide emails. An office is one big playground of procrastination. Sitting in a building for 37 hours a week doesn’t guarantee productivity any more than sitting in your pyjamas prevents it. And while we’re on that, getting paid to work in your pyjamas is one of life’s great joys. Seriously, try it.

At Skin and Blister, we want to change the way we think and talk about work. The best work happens when and where people work best. In the morning, in the evening, in a coffee shop or an office. The Skin and Blister team works all over the place. In shared working spaces, in our own homes or on our mum’s kitchen table (thanks mum). Because if you ask us, letting people work when, where and how they want is the way to get the best out of your people.

But that’s enough work for now. Cup of tea, anyone?

This article was first published on our LinkedIn page:

We’ve got to stop calling it “working from home” by Founder + Creative Director Katie Langdon 


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