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We’re experts in animal health, and we have the pets to prove it.

When you hire an agency, you want to trust them. You want to know that they know what they’re talking about, and that they have the necessary experience to handle your brief.

This is why when we work in animal health, we always introduce our clients to our animals, in a slide show, similar to the one your relatives show you after their latest holiday. We’re huge animal fans at Skin and Blister, and like proud parents we’ll jump at any opportunity to get out the photos.

So, because it’s Friday – and because LinkedIn can be quite serious sometimes – we present to you, our animal team. They’re the real bosses. Enjoy.

Black dog called Charlie

This is Charlie, looking slightly bemused after getting a hair cut.

Dog with its tongue out

This is Fizz, who we calculate to be at least 45% tongue.

Sleepy cat

This is Baxter, who would prefer not to be bothered while he’s sleeping.

Bearded dragon lizard

This is Winston, who is a cool, calm and collected character.

Dog with sunglasses on

This is Stan, who is incredibly passionate about UV protection.

Pygmy goat

This is Harry Potter, who isn’t a huge fan of the limelight.

Photogenic dog

This is Savvy, who really knows how to work a camera.

Smiling dog

This is Bella, who has learnt how to smile and it’s equal parts magnificent and terrifying.

Guppy fish

And this is Bendy the fish, who is hiding at the top right because we told her to pose for the camera, but she instantly forgot and swam away.


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