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Fi meets Katie in a hospital soon after she’s born.

They’ve been siblings ever since.

Milk bottle
Skin and Blister founders


Fi graduates from Leeds university with a degree in genetics.


After working in healthcare communications for years, Fi and Katie launch their own agency. But what to call it?

Early ideas included Kindred (somebody else had it) and Brave (thanks for nothing, Pixar), before settling on the cockney rhyming slang for sister, Skin and Blister.


Katie graduates from UWE with a degree in biomedical sciences.

Question mark
Question mark
Skin and Blister flame

1ST JULY, 2016

Skin and Blister is born.

2ND JULY, 2016

Fi and Katie realise they have no clients. Panic ensues.

Panic button

NOV, 2016

Four leaf clover

Skin and Blister is successful with their first ever pitch, winning for diabetes and vascular care in Ireland. They have a Guinness or three to celebrate.


APR, 2017

Katie meets the Head of Procurement at Roche. Four months later, Skin and Blister is invited to pitch.

Pair of socks

JAN, 2018

The growing team starts working with their first Clinical Research Organisation (CRO) client. Fi celebrates by buying a tumble dryer. Fi and Katie agree to start buying more exciting celebratory gifts.

Washing machine

SEP, 2018

Social media like

Skin and Blister reaches the finals for 'Team of the Year' at the PM Digital Awards.

JAN, 2019

The Skin and Blister team grows to 15 people.

Skin and Blister team photo

FEB, 2019

A project is nicknamed 'Arnie' because it keeps coming back. All projects are given interesting names from this moment on.

JUN, 2019

Regular Happiness Surveys are sent our to clients. One of them writes


“You are so much more than a creative agency, you are our strategic partner.”

Hands up cheering

NOV, 2019

Before a podcast recording with Agencyphonics, Fi accidentally drinks mouthwash. The podcast goes well and Fi survives. PHEW. 

FEB, 2020


Skin and Blister wins their first animal health client. 

MAR, 2020

After COVID takes hold, the whole country leaves the office to work from home. Skin and Blister kick themselves for not buying shares in Zoom.

Working from home

JUN, 2020

We host a ruminants virtual workshop.

“This was one of the best workshops that I have attended – virtual or otherwise!” Business Unit Director


NOV, 2020

While 2020 is a tough year, it's pretty decent for Skin and Blister. We win new clients, grow the business, do our best ever creative work and enter our first PM Awards.


Raised by two family doctors and regularly hanging out in the surgery (yes, they were the cool kids), Fi and Katie inherited a love of healthcare and helping patients.

MAR, 2021

Huzzah! Skin and Blister are bronze winners at the 2021
PM Awards, for the 'Creative Culture Award'. A true milestone moment.

Party hat and confetti

SEP, 2017

Skin and Blister is awarded a product launch for Roche and Chugai. Katie can finally afford to buy a new boiler.

Read what Roche have to say about their partnership with Skin and Blister.

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