Our story


Fi and Katie meet for the first time when Katie is born. They’ve been siblings ever since.


Being the children of two doctors, Fi and Katie have always had healthcare

in their blood. Now they have a photo that proves it.


Fi graduates from Leeds university with a degree in genetics 

and a depleted liver.


Katie graduated from UWE with a degree in biomedical sciences and a depleted liver.

2000 to 2016:

Fi and Katie both take up gainful employment in the healthcare communications industry, in a

wide variety of roles, both in-house and freelance.


After talking about it for years, Fi and Katie decide to take the plunge and start their own healthcare

Skin and Blister is born.

communications agency. But what to call it? Early ideas included Kindred (somebody else had it), Kind (reminded them too much of a Kinder Surprise), Brave (thanks for nothing, Pixar), before eventually settling on Skin and Blister. Because it’s related to healthcare. And it’s cockney rhyming slang for ‘sister’. 

July 1st 2016:

July 2nd


Fi and Katie realise that Skin and Blister was born without a single client. Panic ensues.

November 2016:

Skin and Blister are successful with their first ever pitch, winning for diabetes and vascular 

care in Ireland. They learn a lot about the private healthcare system in Ireland, and have a Guinness or two to celebrate.

April 2017:

Katie meets the Head of Procurement at Roche. Four months later, Skin and Blister 

are invited to pitch.

Skin and Blister are awarded a product launch for Roche and Chugai. Katie can finally buy

September 2017:

a new boiler. She hasn’t been able to feel her feet for several months by this point.

The team start working with their first Clinical Research Organisation (CRO) client. Fi celebrates 

January 2018:

by buying a tumble dryer. She can’t overstate what a life-changing purchase it was for her (and her three kids).

Skin and Blister are finalists for Digital Team of the Year. They don't win on the night, but 

September 2018: 

their tweet about a piss up in a brewery is called out as tweet of the night, which is almost as good. 

January 2019: 

The Skin and Blister team has grown to 15 people.

Skin and Blister wrote this timeline and put it on their website. They now need to try and get out 

March 2019:

of the habit of referring to themselves in the third person.

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